Dr. Daniela Werlich CUSTOMCELLS® CTO



After receiving her doctorate in chemistry in 2012, Daniela took over a position as project manager at a German cell manufacturer. Here she not only gained comprehensive insights into the process management of lithium-ion cell technology, but was also actively involved in the process during the ramp-up phase. Since 2016 Daniela has been responsible for the continuous development of our technology at CUSTOMCELLS® as CTO of the company in addition to her role as project manager. As a member of the management boards of the PROZELL and FESTBATT clusters and as a member of the board of KLIB, Daniela knows the latest developments in research and industry and can incorporate them into the CUSTOMCELLS® technology. 2021 Daniela additional joined the Cellforce Group GmbH. At the Cellforce Group Daniela is responsible for the management of the IPCEI project as well as the scouting of new technologies for future cell generations.