THE AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT CONGRESS 2023 Secure. Digital.Sustainable.

Secure. Digital. Sustainable.

These are the topics of our auto motor und sport CONGRESS in 2023 – as always, and thus for the 14th time, in the ICS at the Stuttgart trade fair.

Security, digitalisation, and sustainability are closely linked. Only if we manage to link and share data in the meaningful way, we can improve road safety, reduce our CO2 footprint and, above all, improve climate protection. But it is also about taking a holistic view of the transformation process in the car industry. We want to discuss the following questions:

  • Which legal conditions are missing on the way to environmentally friendly, CO2-neutal mobility?
  • How do we prevent energy crises?
  • Which options for action and what influence does Europe have in the global context – keyword digital sovereignty in the mobility sector?
  • How do we improve road safety through AI and digitalisation?
  • How do we achieve climate neutrality by 2045?